A Picture Page
Henry Grennan, left, nurse Marie Burt, third from left, and the late Dr. William Tibbs, not shown, helped Pancho.
Last fall we take a look at San Miguel de Allende, and then tour the Yucatan.
Bye, bye....see the BIG cat at Six Flags!
Top row: Pancho in medical photo summer 1965, top left. Examined by Dr.
William Tibbs, asleep at home in Nipmo, and playing with clay with Henry
Grennan for the filming by Robert Sharp in the summer 1966. Second Row:
Jim returns to the classroom for the film, and then three of the actual black-
and-white images of Pancho from his first hour at Head Start class in 1965
that were copied from the small 35mm contact sheets. Third row: Jim adjust
his Leica camera that was used in 1965 that made Pancho the 1966 National
Head Start Cover Boy, cover above, returning to the classroom for the filming
in 1966. And Pancho all smiles lower rightduring the filming that eventually
lead to the March 1967 Johnson White House.
Scenes from the 16mm film from a VCR tape in 2005
Frank and Lorraine Mansera in their
Nipomo home November, 2005, with
a painting of young Pancho after he
was named the Head Start cover
boy in 1967.
Times Press Record photo
by Mike McAndrew.
The Mansera's head back to
Washington, DC in Dec. 2005
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